17, 18, 19 Weeks!

Time for a side by side comparison. This is August at 3 weeks old and today at 19 weeks. He’s four times the weight he was at 2 weeks! We are thankful everyday that we are his parents. He’s taught us so much about determination, patience, and love.


August is thriving at home. Since he’s been home he has been taken off all fortifiers, allowing him to take straight breast milk for all of his feedings. Β We can get 4-5 hour stretches from him at night. During the day he eats promptly every two hours. He’s spending more time awake during the day and we’ve recently been gifted the “social smile.” Parent’ of term babies usually get this reward after 6-8 weeks. We waited a long 18 weeks to see this, and I still cry almost every time he does it!

We have another weight check appointment next week, but after that he’ll be on a regular newborn appointment schedule! And very soon we’ll begin Early Intervention and meet the neonatologists for his first big development assessment.

And now for some more photos!


17 Weeks! Sporting his http://www.milkitkit.com onesie. And finally a comparison photo of mom’s bear and Auggie’s new one. Mom’s was well loved.


18 Weeks! And the a small sign of the social smile August is now capable of, though you need to make him really happy to get one for yourself.



19 Weeks! And four times his birth weight!


Tummy time quickly turned into nap time.