Auggie’s Weekly Photo Project

We began taking weekly photos with the infamous teddy bear when August was one week old. This page is more recent first, but you can always begin at the bottom and work your way up to see the progression of this amazing little boy during his first year

Week 24

Week 23

Week 22

Week 21Week 20

Week 19

Week 18 4 times his birth weight! 8 lbs 12 oz

Week 17.

week 16

Most current weight in was 7lbs 10ozs

Week 15

7lbs 6ozs, last weekend in the hospital!

Week 14

7lbs! and now 20″ tall! 5 more inches from when he was born.

Week 13

Week 12


Week 11

Just over 5.5lbs

Week 10

Week 9


Week 8

August, now at Beverly special care nursery, weighing in at 4.5lbs

Week 7

This was our last weekend at MGH NICU. August weight in just over 3.5lbs

Week 6

Week 5

August reached 3lbs this weekend.

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Weight: 1 Kilo! which is approximately back and his birth weight of 2lb 3oz

Week 1

We never checked exactly how log August’s weight dropped after he was born. But he was born at 2lb 3 oz – This photo is likely quite a bit under 2lbs.


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