Butterfly Footprints

The hospital isn’t a great place to set up for a Mom Son craft project, especially a messy one. Mother’s day was the perfect occasion to get my creativity going again with a super fun project with August.


First we gathered our supplies:

  • Receiving blanket you don’t care much about to protect the floor
  • Make-up sponges to dab the paint
  • Regular non-toxic acrylic craft paint
  • Paper towels, damp towels, and baby wipes for clean up
  • Paper
  • Happy Baby (or sleeping baby)

In the hospital when I did his tiny hand print on a baseball I covered his hand in petroleum jelly before adding the paint so it would wipe off more easily. I tried this again, but since we made a bunch, it didn’t do much. And his skin is not as delicate, so the baby wipes alone were sufficient.


I wanted a variegated color look – so we dabbed yellow to green to blue with the make-up sponges on his feet. The more paint the better they came out.

DSC07647It took a few tries to get good at it – but after about 5 foot prints we became pros and made a bunch to mail out as Mother’s day cards to the Great Grandmothers, Grandma Kearney, and Memaw.


All done. I actually had more paint on my arms from August kicking me than he had on his feet and legs! I think it helped that he hasn’t discovered his feet yet. I’d imagine this would be much more difficult with a baby who is reaching for their feet.


I just used a black sharpie to free hand the butterfly bodies and antennas.


A comparison of his five month footprints to his one week footprints. The quarter helps with scale – his toes were so tiny!


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