24 Weeks! Auggie’s Update

We know many of our friends and family we don’t see often use this blog for an update on August. He’s doing really well. He’s been home now for 9 weeks, it feels like it’s been forever, which is awesome.


Sleep: August is a great night sleeping, waking up either once or not at all. He still sleeps in our room, in the pack and play beside our bed. However, we are working on his napping skills during the day. Maybe he takes after his mom in this department. I am a terrible napper. But sleep = growth. So although we are so grateful he’s sleeping well at night, we need to make sure he can get some quality sleep during the day too. We’d love to see him sleep a total of 15 hours over a 24 hour period.

Eating: August continues to be a great eater. He’s not very picky when it comes to temperature or bottle type. We give him his vitamins in a Dr. Brown bottle and then the rest of his feeding in a Munchkin Latch and both seem great. He’s still breastfeeding really well too. He’s still eating about every 2 hours during the day.


Growth: August has been climbing the growth chart. When he came home his weight was in the 15th percentile for his corrected age and it’s now just above the 30th. He’s getting tall too! Though, at his development checkup with the neonatologists we recently learned his head isn’t growing as fast as the rest of him. It’s something they will now watch much more closely and we may need to have a nutritional follow-up if it’s still not improving. Head circumference equals brain growth so this is very important. He is however meeting all his milestones for his adjusted age. If he wasn’t we’d be more concerned. There is always something.


Development: August is enrolled in Early Intervention and started last week. We really like the therapist we’ve been assigned. She will help August meet all his milestones for his adjusted age (of currently 2.5 months) and then eventually get him caught up to meeting milestones for his actual age sometime next year. So far he excels in personal care (eating) and he has top-notch communication skills! We are currently working on lots of tummy time which he doesn’t mind and side play to encourage him to discover his hands. Just last week he’s started mouthing his hands more than ever before. And we’re continuing lots of babbling and face time, to improve those communication skills even more.


Mom has one more month home and we’re savoring every minute.



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