16 Weeks!

One whole week home! and finally our first weekly photos NOT in the hospital. You can do so much more in the comfort of your own home. We’ve been taking weekend photos with the GUND teddy bear below to show how much August is growing. The fun part is that I had/have this exact same bear – though it’s been well loved. I named mine Alex. And I’m looking forward to see what August names his and if it will become a favorite like mine did for me. I couldn’t sleep without it. You can see all the weekly photos here!

week 16

16 Weeks

August William:

16 Weeks new, 2 weeks corrected. Just under 8lbs

Enjoys a little bit of tummy time each day, and shows some decent head control when laying on mom or dad’s chest. Eating ever 3-4 hours at night and 2-3 hours during the day. I spit up alot. Had my first bath at home, it was glorious.

A few more pics from our 16 week photo shoot!


Love that dad can get on the floor to play with me!





The chub!


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