First Step!

No, August isn’t walking yet. (Thanks goodness, could you imagine a preemie walking about?!….honestly I think it would be creepy.) He’s making the big step towards coming home, stepping down from intensive care to special care today! And as part of that move, we have the wonderful opportunity to move him to a hospital closer to home. We will miss MGH so much. The care team and doctors truly are world class and we’ve been well cared for. This is probably a bigger day for Mom and Dad than little Auggie.

A quick Auggie update and then some pictures 😉 Auggie has officially been in hospital care for 53 days.  He’s been off all supported breathing/oxygen for the last week.  He’s reached 4 lbs today! Up 1 lb 9 ounces since birth.  And he’s 1 1/2″ taller. He’s 7.5 weeks new making him now 33 5/7 days adjusted.

August and Mom and Dad still have quite a bit of work ahead of us – the next step is learning to feed by mouth.  Auggie… not us, though Matt sometimes still questions how capable I am.  That could take another four weeks or another six, it will be whatever August needs.

And since more than once we’ve have people say “once he reaches 5 lbs he’ll be home,” we’ll take a minute to bust that myth. Obviously weight gain is extremely important, but there is no magic number. The real test for coming home is:

1) Need to prove he can suck, swallow, and breath all at the same time.  (Also known as eating.)

2) He needs to be able to hold his own temperature in an open crib (he’s actually checked this off already)

3) He needs to go five days without any spells.  (A spell is a drop in heart rate, apnea, or a drop in oxygen saturation.)

Anything else on your mind? Matt and I are happy to answer any questions you might have about August.

And now for the cuteness, and a throw back to our first week.


Touchdown! Auggie was cheering for the Patriots already!

week 7 with bear

7 Week photo with his bear!

August is 1 week old!

1 Week photo with his bear!

new hold

I can’t get enough.


He was about three weeks in this photo.


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