Bonus post due to the Blizzard!

Those following us on other social media may have seen the big milestone we reached over the weekend while celebrating Auggie’s six week birthday: we got to dress him for the first time!  We may have waited longer than most, but I’m sure it was the same experience all other parents have of dressing their newborn in an outfit they picked out – pure joy!  (and fear the onesie will get stuck on their head.)

No more chit chat – just some fun photos marking the occasion.


Onesies go on and off great from the bottom too. Helpful with all those wires!


This was a two man job.




Such a big boy. Have to admit, I definitely got those first mom feelings over the weekend of “just stay little forever.” But not this little – grow, grow, grow then stop, is that an option?


Auggie an his little bear buddy. Can’t wait to see what he names the bear. I had the exact same one, his name was Alex.




Couldn’t be more proud of our handsome little man.


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