Four Weeks New!

Today we’re celebrating Auggie’s four-week Birthday!!! He’s an incredible little man and we could not be more proud of him.


He’s had quite the first month, going through things many of us will never do in our entire lives:

  • One ultrasound of his heart – which was normal!
  • One blood transfusion (very normal for micro-preemies to require a few of these)
  • One central IV line placed (also a normal part of being a 26 weeker)
  • One stitch (to hold IV line in place)
  • One Christmas spent in the hospital (I’ve promised him a do over first Christmas in 2015)
  • One NYE spent in the hospital
  • Two ultrasounds of his brain – both of which were normal!
  • Three types of assisted breathing, from ventilator, to NIV (non-invasive ventilator) to his current CPAP
  • Three different diaper sizes!
  • Five ultrasounds of his abdomen to track his clot – which has maintained (good news)
  • Five minutes of pacifier sucking
  • Eight+ IV lines changed and moved
  • Countless heel sticks
  • Countless reflux spit ups
  • 28 brave nights away from home in the NICU
  • 28 days out of mom’s safe womb
  • 30 calorie feeds (the goal calorie intake and he’s tolerating it!)
  • 280 grams gained from birth weight (almost 10 ounces!)
  • A crap load of dirty diapers (see what I did there?)
  • His first latte (preemies are regularly given caffeine, a safe stimulant to help with breathing and heart rate)
  • Lots breast milk (August has been given my breast milk from day one, and for the past two weeks is his all he eats.  They just fortify it to provide him the extra calories and protein preemies need to grow.)
When are we going to Fenway?

When are we going to Fenway?

I like to look around when I'm awake.

I like to look around when I’m awake.

If you didn’t catch the info on the blog before, August arrived when mom was just 26 weeks and 2 days pregnant and is expected to be in the hospital until his original due date of March 19th (give or take.)  Another ten weeks to go.  The next four weeks will bring with them lots of changes and other experiences.  We’re looking forward to celebrating the 3lb milestone, and then reaching 2 kilos.  Mom is especially excited to give him his first bath which hasn’t happened yet, and dress him for the first time.  Medically his next routine exam is for his eyes, and besides that he’s working on getting bigger, dealing with his reflux, and weaning off the assisted breathing one little bit at a time.

Mom and Dad are hanging in there.  The days are long, but thankfully, right now the weeks have been short.  And when we get to hold him time stands still because it’s the best three hours of everyday.

We love changing diapers!

We love changing diapers!


2 thoughts on “Four Weeks New!

  1. Hi Megs & Matt.
    Auggie is looking so adorable in his little orange hat. We have enjoyed looking at the amazing pictures you two have been taking. We can see that he is getting so much stronger & he is sooo alert!!! He has come along way!! You guys are in our thoughts & prayers everyday. Love ya Diane & Rob


  2. Wow, in this picture I can really see he’s grown from when he was born. He’s looking stronger and stronger every day!

    Best wishes,



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