Wait & See

I’m not sure that I would have thought “Let’s wait and see what happens” would be the treatment I wanted prescribed to my son by the doctors, but I’m actually okay with it. The infections gave us a little bit of a scare this week, as I mentioned in the last post. That got scarier when we were told that there is also a blood clot in his liver that may be holding the infection. Blood clots in preemies isn’t unheard of, and it may not even be caught all of the time. The reason they found Auggie’s is because they had to perform an ultrasound on his abdomen, because of the infections.
On Tuesday, the doctors gave him a brain ultrasound first, they were happy with the results, no bleeding. Next came the abdomen. We didn’t get the results right away, but didn’t think anything of it. Wednesday morning when we came in, the nurses told us they had ordered a second stomach ultrasound. At first they suggested that they just needed clearer images, but later in the day we found out that he has a clot in his liver. The blood is completely shut off from the left side of his liver. He can survive with that, it’s the smaller side of the liver and is not needed to live a healthy life.
With the infection and the clot, there was concern that the clot may be holding onto the infection, making it more difficult for the antibiotics to attack the bacteria. This particular set of circumstances doesn’t happen often at all. We met with many doctors here and they discussed with many doctors around the country. We saw the pediatric surgeon, radiology, and a few others. In the end, it was decided that any corrective action may be just as, if not more dangerous than taking no action.
That was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Yesterday (Friday), Auggie got one more stomach ultrasound and found that the blood clot is not getting any bigger. They will check again on Monday, but we are hoping for the same. We also received so better news, the blood cultures weren’t growing any more infections. They even think the one from the 23rd may have gotten contaminated with a skin bacteria since it was a different strand.
Bottom line, it looks like “Wait and see” was the right choice. The antibiotics seem to be working on the infections and the blood clot will hopefully not cause any permanent problems. There are still a lot of things that need to go right for that, but we’re heading in that direction.
In other vital areas, Auggie is still doing well on his feedings. They are increasing his caloric intake each day and he is still tolerating it. He does still have a breathing tube in, but we’re okay with that. We don’t want him working too hard on that when he needs to kick this infection and continue eating more. He’ll get to breathing as he gets stronger.
We still get to hold him each day, except days like yesterday, where he was so busy with doctors that we decided to let him rest. Meg says that she can feel him getting bigger and stronger when she holds him. Let’s keep that up.


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